Diet Pepsi

13 Mar

I have an addiction. To diet Pepsi. It’s a bad one.
Here’s how I knew I had an actual problem.
So I drink one dp every day, sometimes 2, but that is rare. This had been a regular habit since 2003-ish.

This past weekend I had decided to cut back-I bought a bottle so I could just have some at a time and not waste the can. So Monday I came home from my first day at my new job, made healthy choices and NO DP – a little stressful but no big deal. I had 8 assignments to be working on. One due that day the other 7 by Thurs.
I could NOT even function. Not even joking.  I was in pain and my telltale sign of DP withdrawal is a headache-I don’t really get them otherwise. I felt like it was a migraine. It literally disabled me.
How ridiculous is that?!
Therefore – my sweet husband enabled me because he knew I needed to be able to do some homework and got me one. I felt amazing within 30 min….
So I have a goal – by this weekend to no longer drink DP or have it in my home AND make all attempts to stay away from Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. 🙂

Doesn’t it look SOOOO delicious!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm

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One response to “Diet Pepsi

  1. polkadotpantry

    03/14/2012 at 1:46 pm

    Good plan and good luck! Aspartame is posion and nothing good will come of it.. plus it just makes you crave more sweets. All the best! Stay strong and if you crave bubbles, buy a low sodium soda water and add some lemon or lime juice… it’s not the same, but it’s refreshing and the bubbles are filling!


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