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tomorrow it starts

So, I now have my diet pepsi addiction under control.  It was hard and painful, but the headaches have passed and SOME of the cravings. However, I had a harder time eating healthier during this time,……

so now that i have the DP issue under control for the most part, tomorrow I will conquer the healthy eating and exercising again.  I was out with a friend last week and she inspired me with something she is doing.  Couch to 5km.  Basically it trains you to go from nothing to being able to run a 5km and train for it properly, within a reasonable amount of time.  It might take me longer than the 8 weeks my app says it will or the 9 here, but I have a goal and this is what I am working towards.  I will continue to do My Fitness Pal as well.

I am making Quinoa as I type – I am going to try ALLLLL kinds of new things! I am too old to say I don’t like something that I have never even tried!!! haha

So….here goes!!! Wish me luck ya’ll – I NEEED it!!! xo


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