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I believe that God gives each of us different gifts.  I believe that God has given me an insane amount of empathy and sensitivities towards other people.  I often know things/feel things about people that they haven’t shared with me.  I feel burdens for others and sometimes grief of others as well.  I have come to embrace this gift God has given to me over the last 8 years.  I used to get very upset about why I was the way I was, however, now I embrace it and allow it to be used for good. 

May 6, 2012 my Grandpa died.  It changed everything.  We are such a close family.  Us kids grew up one street away from them.  We have family dinner every Sunday night, and often my Grandparents would come.  As my Gramps got sicker, they came less.  For about 6 weeks before my Grandpa died, our whole family really came together.  We were there every day.  My brother Nick moved home very shortly before he passed.  A fond memory near the end, that I have is this: my brother had completed his time with the RCMP in BC and was given a plaque.  My brother was telling him about it.  My Grandpa was so in and out of conversations and what was going on for weeks, but my brother said, “if you would like to see it I can bring it” (the plaque) and my Grandpa said that he wanted to see it.  My brother thought ok, I will bring it tomorrow or whatever.  NOOOOOoooooo, my Grandpa meant right then!  We all kinda looked at eachother like – really?!! Anyhow – my brother quickly went home and got it.  We have a picture of my brother and Gramps looking at the plaque together just a few days before he passed.  SUCH a special moment.  He was always and for sure still is, SO proud of him.  

Now every Sunday, my Gramma comes for dinner.  May, June, July, August and September we ate outside.  EVERY single time we were about to eat, a butterfly would appear.  It would flutter all around all of us.  Even sit on us.  I have felt that this is my Gramps letting us know he is still with us.  I don’t believe in reincarnation or anything like that.  However, I do believe in signs and gifts God gives us to remind of us things and people.

I LOVE butterflies (even though I am scared of them!)Image   


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