I think this picture depicts us perfectly. Mark being creepy and weird and my usual….”what the heck” face! LOVE it!

About me – My name is Dani.  I am 30….ewwwwww – enough said.

I am married, and have been for 1 and a half years. I have 2 dogs, 2 houses and 2 jobs… for each of us! Life is crazy at times, ok, well most times, but it’s my life!!  I have 2 great families, some great friends, swear I have some major OCD organization issues-SOMETIMES I feel bad for my husband.  Things have a place and sometimes he just doesn’t know where that place is!!! I LOVE people. I am more of a small group person, I love to be silly and have fun, I LOVE deep personal talks with those I trust.  I also LOVE Justin Bieber!!

I decided I was going to start blogging a little while ago; I REALLY enjoy writing and as of late I have been going through some tough stuff personally.  I really am a pretty closed off person – if you aren’t in my circle of trust!!, so I thought it might be therapeutic for me to write – whether people read it or not – although I know there will be some creepers for sure!!! 😉

These are life experiences, thoughts, opinions, words.



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