This picture warms my heart and will forever remain SO special to me that BOTH of them were able to be there to support me and our wedding.

I was a lucky girl growing up – I had ALL FOUR of my grandparents until 2001.  I had very different relationships with both sets of grandparents but both were/are special in different ways.  My dad’s parents lived next door to me my entire childhood, literally.  Across the property! They looked after us often before school and we would come off the bus and go hang out there til our parents came home from work.  We had Bisquits (a dutch treat I don’t know how to spell!!) and would watch our grandpa twiddle his thumbs in the sunroom while he watched us play.  We had a typical grandparent relationship with them.  Loved to visit and be with them, I have SO many amazing memories of them.  My Grandma got to meet Vanessa, only as a baby, but to me that was SUCH a special thing.  I wish I had a picture!!! On my dad’s side; my grandpa passed away in 2001 and then my grandma in 2006.

My mom’s parents, I have always referred to them as my young grandparents.  They are quite a bit younger than my other grandparents were.  They helped my mom A LOT with me when I was a baby (colic) 😦 and I think maybe that is why we had bonded so well.  I always felt like I can tell them anything and they won’t judge me.  My grandpa worked at GM and was retired for as long as I can remember.  We used to go on bike rides from Vineland to the Parkway in the Falls, fishing, Port Dover and they even came and supported Nick at his graduation from the RCMP in Regina, Alberta.  That made me SOOOO happy.

My grandpa has always been SO strong, he has had SO many different kinds of cancers, holes drilled into his skull because of a hematoma, diabetes FOREVER and the list goes on – I always joke with him that he is like a cat and has 9 lives!! He is a true fighter. He is in the hospital right now, as he is in so much pain, it’s unmanageable.  I PRAY SO hard that he will come out and continue to fight, but I just felt I needed to pay tribute of some sorts to all 4 of the amazing people that affected my life in a HUGE way.  I feel SO blessed that I enjoyed all 4 of them for so long and am grateful to still have 2 living.

GRANDparents are just that. xoxo

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